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Dsgn 106 Looking at several unique controls

I looked around the ol’ internet for a while and came across this little gem.


Silverlight is packed with over 60 high-quality, fully skinnable and customizable out-of-the-box controls such as charting and media, new layout containers such as dock and viewbox, and controls such as autocomplete, treeview and datagrid. The controls come with nine professional designed themes and the source code can be modified/recompiled or utilized as-is. Other additions include multiple selection in listbox controls, file save dialog making it easier to write files, and support for multiple page applications with navigation.



Dsgn 106 7.1 Locate Basic Controls

In this post here I am going to be running through the different kinds of controls and examples of each.

First one I am going to cover is Imperative controls.

Imperative controls are essentially commands. Things that you do to have control over other things. 

An example of such would be setting your car alarm. You have to be sure to lock and then set the alarm. Giving the system the two button push command will arm the alarm and will only disarm once the key or the fob have disengaged it. 




Another example of such would be a snooze button on your alarm clock or your phone. You have total and complete control over the horrible buzzing sound your alarm is making. 



The last example I’ll give is gonna have to be the control you have over is a game. Really any game, you have total dominant control over the outcome and the things that happen throughout the games play through. 



Next group I’ll talk about is Selection:

Selection controls are when you have a choose in a selection. There are a few different versions of selection controls that are commonly seen all over the place. There are 6 types of selection controls. They are:

  • Flip-Flop
  • Radio buttons
  • Combutcons
  • List Control
  • Combo box
  • Tree Control
  • Input/Entry

An example of selection controls could be again, setting your alarm on your phone. You have to select when the alarm will go off. 


Selection controls can be almost anywhere, another simple once that’s there everyday is the controls in your vehicle. The heat, radio, windows, wipers, everything. You choose when, where and what the car will do for you. 


Shopping online. You select what you want to buy, when you want it delivered and in some cases how much and when you want to pay.





Input/Entry is the next on our list. The list consists of:

  • Spinners
  • Sliders
  • Text Fields
  • Text Areas
  • Text Control

Which are all different entry controls. There are two types of entry controls, bounded and unbounded. Bounded controls limit you in some way when you are entering some sort of input and unbounded don’t give you any limit at all. Here’s some examples of entry control


Text fields, you have no limit to what you put in it. Here is an example.



Sliders is a example of a bounded entry control. It limits you on how much you are putting into the function. A good example of this would be changing the volume on your computer.


The last one I’ll mention is the text area. This one the boxes limit you to putting in the information that is needed. Phone number text box, will only accept a phone number.




  • Progress
  • Measurement
  • Graphical Information
  • Screen organizer

Using google maps or any other type of visual map display usually falls under graphical information. Being able to zoom in and out and find specific places in the strangest areas in the world is pretty neat. 



Adobe Illustrator can be used for measurement display, the ability to measure inches down to pixels, and to zoom in to see individual pixels is an important feature for measurement.



The last one in display is progress display. Progress display shows how far along you are with something, whether it is a youtube video or loading an update. It shows how far along you are and how much longer you will have left.




DSGN 106 – LO 5.1

Well I’m doing my post on

The amount that this whole experience just breath taking. The fact I could move around freely, watch the animals interact with the surroundings placed by humans. 

The audio in the instance was clean, good volume and her voice was calming, as long as you set your volume right.

The videos, the whole experience was insane. Being able to move freely across the map and watch where the animals go. The video clips were short and sweet, but I couldn’t find the enlarge button. 

Not to many still images in the presentation, although in the videos there were some images that were just simple black and white photos so quality was low. 

I was able to maneuver around the presentation with extreme ease. It was an almost relaxing experience that really hit home. 

Dsgn 106 – LO 1.1 – New Devices

Martian watches let you answer and make phone calls, set notifications, and reply to texts without ever setting a finger on your phone. It’s the way of the future.




This little device could make time management a little easier. With being able to answer messages by talking to your wrist, setting dates, even talking on your phone. It would be a very beneficial toy that I can see the masses using, if the price is right that is. But if it was to be affordable, thousands of people would flock towards it. I know I would.